My first week on OLDSMOOC

This is the story of my first week on OLDSMOOC.

Overwhelming! Too fast, too intense, too crowdie. Not easy to manage. For me, it’s a course within another course (MPEL – Mestrado em Pedagogia do ELearning- da Universidade Aberta). With other’s deadlines and tasks to accomplish. With new tools and resources, to know how to use and appropriate. With new ideas and concepts, to understand and think about. With new responsibilities and goals, to achieve. And, most of all, in English!

However, I thought, and still think: Breath in, breath out and smile, because you’re participating in a huge phenomenon!

I did some tasks. Not always at the right place or the right time. I presented myself, created clouds – my journal, my dream project “What values for the 21th century: a new approach for a ancient question”- and cloudscape – my portfolio -, participated in some of the topics going on in the open discussion groups: What does Learning design means to you?, Designing for the twenty first century and, perhaps, some other that I can recall. I tried to find partners for a team up, by reading some dream’s on dreambazaar (and see if there were matching points with some of my ideas), and by posting a topic – in the open discussion place. I did find a partner, or better said she found me. But she’s my MPEL6 colleague and partner…and I still didn’t open a team cloud or join one. The same thing with the study circle cloud. I accept two invitations (or that was three?) to join google+groups. Me and my MPEL6 colleagues have, I presume so, one study circle…but I haven’t created and neither joined a specific cloud for this. I feel that I’m still overcoming all of this MOOC process, finding my way through…Hope I can. Feeling a little frustrated. Is it me? Have I the skills to pursuit this online experience and adventure?

I tried to store some texts, contributions and participations, ideas, links, names and authors,… on my computer. In delicious, in diigo, in notebooks,…Too much stuff and scaretted or diffuse. Another obstacle, to cross!

Yishay, Peter and Simon’s summary’s and feedbacks mails are very useful. I try to follow their indications and links. Plus, we have on OLDSMOOC, the calendar and the description of the activities, by day and week. So, the problem (if there’s one) it’s not the organization…

There are too much changes, demands and struggles in our life’s, nowadays. Can people keep up? Can I? How many of the 1000 beginning OLDSMOOC’s learners will finish?

But, nevertheless, my question résumé of the week is: What’s more important, learning with pleasure and having some fun in the process, but skipping some tasks, or be stressed by trying to keep it all up and, better so, with perfection?

Don’t be mistaken by this, somehow skeptical, narrative. I’m still motivated, just a beat tired and surprised-submerged by elearning and connected learning designs rhythm :)!


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