My OLDS MOOC ePortfólio

Here, I will try to share my experience in Learning Design for the 21st Century Curriculum – A Massive Open Online Course – 10h january 2013 to 13th march 2013 (in my case to 20th February 2013).

My first participation in a MOOC!

Coming from a traditional process of teaching, i’ll certainly have lots of doubts, questions, reflexions and less contributions of new tools or propositions of learning design. But, like i said, somewhere, i’m willing to try and know how can i contribute positivly in this new design of learning and curriculum.

Before anything else, my first impression is that is excellent to be able to share and cross ideas, knowledges and know-How’s, within a open space and with open minds.

For the instance, i’ll be working here:!forum/olds-mooc-open


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